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Permanent or Temporary?

We are excited to announce that we will be taking custom orders for extension sets! Please reach out if you have a request and we will make your vision come to life! 

What are permanent dreadlock extensions?

Permanent dreadlock extensions are dreadlocks made out of human hair or synthetic hair that are meant to be attached to the ends of your natural locs to instantly create more length!  These are a great option for those whose hair doesn't grow very fast or has stopped growing all together or even for those who want to skip the short hair phase!

We offer two options for permanent loc installs:​

  1. You purchase one of our extensions sets or we make a custom extension set for you! 

  2. You bring in your own extension set that you purchased from another seller. 

*Please note that we highly recommend using human hair for permanent installations as these can last for a very long time but if you’re on a budget and don’t mind having to change out your extensions a couple times a year then synthetic extensions are okay too!

What are temporary dreadlock extensions?

Temporary dreadlock extensions are usually made of human hair, synthetic hair, or wool and come in two different styles; Single Ended (SE) or Double Ended (DE).

So, what's the difference?

The answer is simple: double ended extensions have two ends, while single ended ones have only one end. That means that a double ended extensions is actually a long dread installed folded in two. Single ended dreads end in a loop that can be used to attach them to your hair.

 We will braid your natural hair into these extensions and tie them off with string or rubber bands.

Temporary extensions, if taken care of, can last up to 12 weeks in your hair!

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