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Words From Our Fabulous Clients

I have nothing but overwhelmingly positive things to say about Brenda's. My Loctician is Genevieve is she is such a gem. She is super flexible and helps me with my dreadlocks in ways that are super personal to me. From maintaining my dreadlocks in the way that I request, to making and attaching extensions, adding beads and wraps-Genevieve does it ALL! The prices don't get better than here. It has been the best salon experience I have had in regards to dreadlocks. These Locticians do it all, its a one stop shop. I will miss them when I leave PDX!

Sarah C.

After months of searching I found Brenda's Knotty Dreads and knew it was the right place for me to start my dread journey. Their site was welcoming and made me feel comfortable. Thomas was my loctician and he was amazing. Just super welcoming, friendly, helped answer all of my questions and my hair came out looking great. Amazing experience through and through. I highly recommend Brenda's Knotty Dreads and Thomas!!!

Tony R.

Had an amazing experience with these lovely folx. Genevive went out of her way to come in a few hours early for me (my work schedule’s a little wonky) and she talked me through the process, answering any and all questions openly and in an engaged, friendly manner. I felt like we were just two friends catching up while she worked her magic on my strands, which she made quick work of, and I am beyond thrilled with the outcome. Highly highly highly recommend.

Apple G.

Amazing work and even more amazing service and environment. Genevieve was my loctician and is incredibly sweet and skilled with all hair types. She happily answered all of my questions leading up to the appointment. We took roughly 15 hours to complete my locs with extensions and the process was quite relaxing. Genevieve and Thomas offer such a comfortable and welcoming environment, so glad I found this shop!

Brittanie A.

Great environment , Tommy was very kind and efficient. Absolutely satisfied with the turn out 👍🏽

Bracen N.

Thomas was great, my son loves his dreads!!!

Lea H.

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